Cub Scout Ranks


Lion patchThe Lion scout is the introductory rank to Cub Scouts.  Lions (age 5) wear an official t-shirt and are then exposed to the Cub Scout Pack.  After earning their Lion patch, they transition to the Tiger Cub rank and wear their first uniform.


Tiger patchTo begin his path to the Tiger Cub rank, the Tiger Cub (age 7 or in first grade) must learn the Cub Scout promise, the Cub Scout sign, and the Cub Scout salute. When he has learned these, he gets his Tiger Cub emblem, which is a tiger paw with four strings for beads. He wears the emblem on his right pocket.

As a boy finishes each part of the five Tiger Cub achievements, he earns an orange bead (for den activities), a white bead (for family activities), or a black bead (for “Go See Its”). When the boy has earned five beads of each color, he can receive his Tiger Cub badge. The Tiger Cub badge is given to the boy’s adult partner at a pack meeting. Then, during a grand ceremony, the adult gives the badge to the boy.



Wolf patch

The Wolf rank is for boys who have finished first grade (or who are 8 years old). To earn the Wolf badge, a boy must pass 12 achievements. His parent or guardian approves each achievement by signing his book. When the boy has met all requirements, the Wolf badge is presented to his parent or guardian at the next pack meeting. During an impressive ceremony, the parent or guardian then presents the badge to the boy.

After he has earned the Wolf badge, a Wolf Cub Scout can work on the 23 Wolf electives until he finishes second grade (or turns 9 years old). He can choose from more than 100 elective projects that may show him new hobbies and teach him skills that will be useful during his Boy Scout years. When he completes 10 elective projects, he earns a Gold Arrow Point to wear under the Wolf badge. For each 10 elective projects after that, he earns a Silver Arrow Point.


The Bear rank is for boys who have finished second grade (or 9 years old). There are 24 Bear achievements in four groups. A boy must complete 12 of the achievements to be a Bear Cub Scout. These requirements are harder and more challenging than those for the Wolf badge. When a boy has earned his Bear badge, he may work on electives to earn Arrow Points to wear under his Bear badge.



After completing the third grade, a Cub Scout graduates with ceremony into a Webelos den. This is a special den for boys in the fourth or fifth graders or who are 10 years old. The Webelos Scout program is more challenging to the older boy. He works on the Webelos Badge and can earn twenty Webelos activity badges. As a fifth grader or at age 10 he may earn Cub Scouting’s highest award – the Arrow of Light.


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