Scouting for Food – Saturday 11/9 & 11/16

This weekend the pack will be distributing Scouting for Food (SfF) door hangers this weekend. This is the important part… getting the word out. There will be groups of scouts and parents meeting this weekend and taking a section of the Pack 108 SFF territory. The small groups will walk down the streets of their assigned territory and put the door hangers on the houses. With enough scouts, this goes fairly quickly. Let’s all get out there together and get this done.
The following weekend (11/16), we will be doing the food pick up.
A more detailed email should be coming.

-Jon Page

Meeting the Benicia’s Mayor

Last night members of Pack 108 got a chance to meet the mayor of Benicia, Elizabeth Patterson.  The Mayor gave an interesting talk about civic government, and her path to public service.  She also answered the various questions from the boys and parents.  It was a fun and intimate conversation with the Mayor.

We thank Mayor Patterson for taking the time to talk with us!


Space Derby Rules, Procedures and Tips for 2013

Space Derby Rules

All rockets must pass the following inspection to qualify for the race:

  1. Only basic materials supplied in the Official BSA kit may be used. The hanging device supplied in the kit must be used.

  2. The nose cone (propeller assembly) must not be glued in place on the nose of the rocket. A notch or groove should be formed in the tail of the rocket to seat the band holding dowel. The band holding dowel must not be glued in place. (These rules allow band replacement in case of breaks)

  3. The rocket body may be no longer than 7 inches, not including the propeller and fins. Width 2.75 inches -Three rubber bands per rocket. Each Pack must supply extra rubber bands if the Pack should need them.

  4. There are no restrictions on the weight or design of the rocket. Rockets may be detailed in any way as long as it does not exceed length restrictions, is flight-worthy, structurally sound and does not interfere with another rocket during the race.

  5. Rockets with wet paint will be disqualified

  6. Scout may use graphite powder between the propeller and the bushing if desired. Other forms of lubrication are prohibited.

  7. Scout shall use rocket built for this year, no previous year rockets will be allowed.

  8. Each ROCKET will be wound the same amount of turns. Track will be 40 foot set up. (if available an auto winder will be used on race day)

  9. Prior to each heat, rocket numbers and lane assignments will be announced. Pilots are to take their rocket from the space hanger and give them to the official winder and then take their position at the finish line. Upon completion of the race, “Space Command” will give the rocket back to the pilot to place back in the designated space hanger.

  10. At registration judges will assign a number to the rocket and separate it by Den.

  11. Once the rocket is submitted for entry, no further adjustments can be made except in the case of mechanical failure (see 6).

  12. The race will be double elimination. A rocket must lose twice before it is eliminated.

  13. Any entry that experiences a mechanical failure will be allowed to re-race if it can be repaired during the same heat. It will count as a heat loss if it cannot be repaired prior to the beginning of the next heat. All repairs of this type must be done with “Space Command” observing and certifying as to its flight worthiness.

  14. In the event that all rockets don’t reach the end of track, the one that goes the furthest is declared the winner.

  15. One Rocket Only per scout.

  16. Racing volunteers are only allowed in the Space Track area.

  17. No late registrations will be accepted after den has started the race.

  18. Racing will be conducted using the Lane Rotation Method

  19. All rulings by “Space Command” are FINIAL.

Note: All illegal rockets must be disqualified prior to racing. Please don’t cause disappointment and embarrassment to you Scout by allowing an illegal rocket to be raced at the Pack level, brought to district, and insisting that it be raced.


Space Derby Procedure

  1. Every boy brings his rocket to the inspection table to have his entry checked and numbered.

  2. Then the scout goes to the registration table where his name and rocket’s number are entered on a heat sheet.

  3. Contestants report to gatekeeper, who lines them up in the order in which they will compete. As the cub time approaches he will begin to wind his rocket.

  4. When the cub scouts name is called, he will hook his rocket on the guideline assigned to him.

  5. The gatekeeper releases the rockets.

  6. The winner takes his rocket to the registration table for recording. He then returns to the spectator area to wait until his name is called again.



  1. Rockets are to be submitted to the registration table.

  2. Each rocket will be inspected, registered and assigned a sticker with a spacecraft number.

  3. After registration, rockets will be held by “Space Command” in the designated space hanger until race time.

  4. If at registration, a Rocket does not pass inspection, the owner will be informed of the reason for failure, and will be given time within the official registration period to make the adjustment.

  5. The rocket you compete should be a new rocket, with a balsa wood body, not one built in a previous year.


Space Derby Pre-Race Check List

  1. Propeller is balanced. Sand if necessary.

  2. (Remember to learn the direction to spin propeller THIS SHOULD BLOW WIND TO THE REAR OF THE CRAFT)

  3. Propeller wire is as short as possible. Notch on propeller engages propeller wire securely.

  4. Rocket body is shaped as small as possible. FAST ROCKETS HAVE A MINIMUM PROFILE.

  5. Inside of body is hollowed out to reduce weight. If possible, select the lightest body you can obtain. LIGHTER ROCKETS GO FASTER.

  6. Plastic hanger is fastened securely to body.

  7. Groove for rear dowel is deep enough so dowel does not twist when rubber motor is wound tight

  8. Rubber bands have been tested to select the most powerful. Lubricate rubber bands in castor oil or a glycerin/soap mixture.

  9. Propeller nose button is lubricated with graphite.

  10. Rocket body is waxed to a high gloss to decrease wind resistance.

  11. Fins are accurately aligned so rocket flies straight.

  12. Rocket is balanced fore and after when a pin is inserted in rocket carrier hole.

Silverado District: Boy Scouts of America Family Golf Tournament

This is a golf tournament to raise funds to help support our fine Scouting/BSA program in the Silverado District which includes Benicia, Calistoga, Napa, St. Helena, Vallejo, Angwin, American Canyon & Yountville. Women, boys, girls and single supporters are highly encouraged to play in our tournament as well (youth 14 years and above only). It is not necessary to have a son or daughter in Scouts to participate.

DATE: Sunday, October 6th, 2013 at
LOCATION: Vintners Golf Course, Yountville
You are cordially invited to our 3rd Annual
Boy Scouts Family Classic Golf Tournament

Singles are $125 each, or it is $100 each player for teams of 2 to 5 players. There will be an awards dinner and auction at 5:00 pm. Awards will be given for Longest Drive, longest putt and Hole-In-One. Troops can sponsor their golfing Scout(s) in this tournament. Get a set of 4 players from your troop to play.

The Scramble will begin at 12:00 PM.
Everyone plays best ball on each hole.

At the Vintners Golf Club in Yountville
Fee is $125

Here is the link to flyer with additional details and contact info:

Silverado District Family Golf Tournament 2013


Recruiting in June!

We have two recruiting events coming up in June.

1.) June 15th – Benicia’s Fire station 11 (150 Military West Ave), 10-12noon.  This event includes a tour of the fire station!

2.) June 23rd – Francesca Terrace Park (at the end of Hillcrest), 1-3pm.  This is our June pack meeting.  Come see how the pack works and meet the boys and leaders.

Brian Weaver (707-742-4019), Tiger Den Leader and Hannah Herguth (510-316-2937), Recruitment Chair will be available to answer questions.

Oakland A’s Scouting Day

May 19 is Boy Scout Day at the Oakland A’s.  They will have a pre-game festival beginning at around 10:00 a.m and a parade on the field of all the scouts.  We will get a discount of $5 to $6 per ticket if we have more than 25 people.  Please distribute to your scouts and let me know if any are interested and I will get tickets.

Here is the flyer: Scout Day Flyer 2013


Barbara McBride


Please mark your calendars!

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Now – The National Geographic Series Are you tougher than a Boy Scout can still be viewed On Demand! Great show!

Pack T-shirts -We are still taking orders for the pack T-shirts! They are very useful during the hot summer days, and can be worn in lieu of uniform. As an added bonus, only uniformed people (children and adults) will be allowed to run the bases during Scout Day at the Giants! If you would like to order your t-shirt contact Chris Atkinson directly at [email protected] They are $10.00 each and he will be taking orders until April 19. Please see attached for design and current order sheet.

April 22 -Pack Meeting at Matthew Turner at 7pm. We are lucky to have an NOAA representative giving a speech on Marine Debris in honor of Earth Day! Also do not forget uniform inspections will be conducted by the webelos and raffle tickets awarded!

April 27 -If you do not have any plans for the day, check out Rush Ranch Open House 10am-4pm

May 19 – Scout Day at the A’s. Barbara McBride will coordinate

July 21 – Scout Day at the Giants. Gretchen already purchased tickets for those who signed up. If you are still interested, you may purchase your tickets individually, just remember, the scout has to be in uniform to run the bases. Patches will be given at both games.

Enjoy the rest of the break and hope to see you all at the pack meeting

Monica Klein
Pack Secretary