Pinewood Derby 2013

On Sunday Janurary 27, we ran the 2013 Pack 108 Pinewood Derby. ┬áThere was a great turn out for the event. ┬áThere were 42 cars entered by our cubs. The cars were just flying down the track. Some of the cars were travelling at 197+ mph… well that’s of course scaled down for the small car size. ;-)

I’ll give a couple additional stats. We ran the initial heats by ranks: Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos. Then, we took the top 3 finishers from each rank and ran a set of heats that mixed the ranks and pitted them against each other. There were a total 56 heats run. That’s a lot. Our race crew was running fast. the quickest turn around between heats was 1 minutes and the average 3 minutes. The longest time between heats was 17 minutes. :)

Thanks to all who helped with the event!!